Sunday, April 23, 2017

Game Night in Ascott

I have a few different sets of friends who enjoy playing tabletop and board games, many of whom I hadn't played with in a long time. As such, I decided to book a room in Ascott Makati and host a game night there. Ascott is quite expensive but I hadn't been there in ages so I thought game night was a good excuse to spend a night here. I also love its location which is in Glorietta, making it easy to park and easy to eat and buy stuff if and when needed. (I also loved the fact that Ascott has CBTL

I brought several games with me, including all the games I own: 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, Race for the Galaxy, Ticket to Ride, and my newly acquired Istanbul and Kodama. I also borrowed a few games: Lords of Waterdeep, Forbidden Desert, and Sushi Go! Party. (I actually also ordered a Sushi Go! Party from Amazon but it hadn't arrived yet when we had our game night). A few of the people I invited that night also have their own games and they brought a few with them.

A total of 8 friends joined us that night: Denise, Zaza, Kat, Melody, Jez, Pao, Doms and Yuan although Doms and Yuan were there just for the company and not for the gaming. The rest of us went through a lot of games that were played over several hours: Potion Explosion (twice), Kodama, Istanbul, Sushi Go! Part (twice), Battle Sheep (twice), and Tsuro (I didn't realize that there were two Tsuros; I had played Tsuro of the Seas before and while this Tsuro works on the same game mechanics, there is no dragon. :)) Everyone that night got to play at least one game for the first time. I am also getting pretty handy at explaining more and more games now. I think our game of the night was Potion Explosion which my friend Kat brought with her. It is quite easy to play and even to teach and after playing it only once, I was able to explain it to my other friends who joined later that night and who weren't able to play it earlier. I am now planning to get a copy of that game for myself since my friends enjoyed it a lot.

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