Saturday, April 09, 2016

Lucky Noodles and family time at Solaire

Apart from the incredible experience of seeing Les Miserables, I also loved the fact that my family and I got to enjoy a meal in Lucky Noodles prior to the show. My mom and I had been to Solaire twice - to watch Chicago and Singin' in the Rain - but both times, we didn't really get to see much of the Solaire complex. (We were actually late for Chicago and for Singin' in the Rain, we just decided to have a meal at the Theatre Cafe since we arrived around 45 minutes before the start of the show.) This time around, we arrived with almost two hours to spare, and that gave us enough time to walk to the far end of the casino to have lunch before watching Les Mis.

Of all the restaurants we passed by in Solaire, Lucky Noodles seemed to be the most casual and inviting. (the other places felt a bit too formal and felt more appropriate for a more proper dinner rather than an eat-and-run scenario). It is also probably the least expensive, although we probably averaged around P500 per person (we were in a casino so I guess on some level it is expected that the restaurants would all be on the pricey side). Nevertheless, I really like the ambience and the vibe of this place. The wait staff was also very friendly and accommodating. The service is also pretty fast as we get our food quite quickly. The next time I visit Solaire, I wouldn't mind eating here again.

We finished our meal about 45 minutes before the show and this gave us time to take photos with the huge ceiling to floor murals of Les Mis. (Actually, we just took photos of our mom.) Thankfully, we did this before the show because after the show, a whole lot more people wanted photo ops. We then had coffee at the Theatre Cafe before stepping into the Theatre. Gotta say, I'm quite happy that we decided to go to Solaire early as it allowed us to enjoy some food and coffee together and see more of the resort and casino complex. (It really does look posh;

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