Monday, September 07, 2015

Singin' in the Rain in Manila

If you haven't seen Singing' in the Rain at the Theatre at Solaire yet, I strongly urge you to do so (especially now that tickets are all at 50%  off; read more about this below). I saw this musical stage adaptation of the 1952 film classic last night and I was thoroughly entertained!

The production is amazing, with beautiful sets and bright costumes that transport the audience back to the 1920s which is when the musical is set. The timing of the cast as they all move around the stage is so on point - you could tell how well-rehearsed and professional everyone was as they all hit their spots all the time. The cast in this Manila run is headlined by Grant Almirall as Don Lockwood, Bethany Dickson as Kathy Selden, and Steve van Wyk as Cosmo Brown and they are all exceptionally talented.  I do have to say that possibly my favorite was Taryn-Lee Hudson who plays Lina Lamont. She was an incredibly funny scene stealer and there were many sequences that had everyone in the audience laughing out loud.

What makes this musical unique is that it rains on stage! I don't know how the set up the stage but at the end of each act, there is a production number that involves a performance under the rain. It's amazing how the actors manage to sing and dance while being drenched by water. If I had a chance to watch it again (unfortunately I don't), I would probably get a ticket at the "splash zone" or the area close to the stage where people get wet. (Don't worry, everyone seated in this area is given a poncho.) Here's a performance that combines the ends of Acts 1 and 2.

video uploaded in youtube by Brit Brit

It was unfortunate that only about a third (or less) of the theater was filled when I watched last night. If you haven't yet, I encourage you to see it. All tickets are now at 50% off, meaning the cheapest tickets are P750 and the most expensive are P3000. When there are a lot of empty seats, people at the back are allowed to mmove to a closer seat (which is what happened when I watched). As I mentioned before, the acoustics in the Theatre at Solaire are fantastic so even if you sit far from the stage, you can hear everything quite well.There's a shuttle service from MOA (and a few other locations in Metro Manila) to Solaire for those who are taking public transportation. If you are bringing a car, there is more than ample parking space and the parking is free. Considering how great the performers are, how solid this production is and how this musical may be the only opportunity you have to see pouring rain on stage, P750 to P3000 is definitely very good value for your money. Singin' in the Rain still has four shows left in its Manila run - 8pm on Friday, 3pm and 8pm on Saturday, and 3pm on Sunday - so please head to Ticketworld to get your tickets now. You won't be disappointed.

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