Sunday, February 28, 2016


Boracay, we meet again! The last time I visited Boracay was more than four years ago so I was due for a return trip. Knowing that my Ati-Atihan experience would exhaust me, I felt that a couple of days relaxing at the beach would do me well. They certainly did.

This was my first solo trip to Boracay. I chose to stay at the Boracay Mandarin (I will write more about this hotel later), which meant that I was just a short walk from D'Mall and many other restaurants in Station 2. This allowed me to try a lot of different restaurants (I will be writing more about these as well in succeeding posts).

I also managed read a book (my first since Juliet, Naked) during my short vacation. On top of that, I actually finished it in just one day. I can't recall the last time I was able to read an entire book in just one day. Granted, the novel I read, In the Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami, is only 181 pages long. Gotta say, reading a book by the beach while enjoying fresh fruit shakes is the life. :)

I somehow ended up with a bit of a late-day-early-evening routine while I was there. I would go swimming in the sea shortly before sunset and once it got dark, I would move to the swimming pool of Boracay Mandarin. The water was a bit cool since it was January but I found it very calming.

Of course, no trip to Boracay would be complete without the requisite sunset shot. :)

This vacation turned out to be one of the most restful I've had in a while and it allowed me to regain my equilibrium. Despite being on my own (or maybe precisely because I was on my own), I enjoyed my two-night stay in Boracay tremendously.

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