Saturday, December 05, 2015

More games

Call it a tabletop game addiction. :) I now get to play board games and tabletop games a lot more regularly and as such, I have gotten to try two new ones: Splendor and Orléans.

Splendor is a chip-collecting and card development game. The objective is to be the first player to reach 15 points. You do this by getting cards with points using the chips (or gems) you collect or the cards you already obtained. Of all the games I have learned recently, this is the one that it easiest to learn and quickest to play. Although you still need to think and be very strategic about it, I find it to be a relaxing game to play because it doesn't take too long to finish. It is quite frustrating though when you realize you are so close to reaching 15 points and someone beats you to it. :)


In Orleans, the objective is to win the most points which you can do by earning money, acquiring goods, and building houses and getting citizens while gaining more development points. There's a whole variety of ways to gain points here and the four times I've played this game, I've done relatively well. However, the last game I played was frustrating because I made so many mistakes that cost me around 10-20 extra points. Bummer. I kinda want to play that game again to see if I can make adjustments to my last strategy and win more points.


Because of my board game and table top game playing, I now have a lot of new friends and they in turn want to introduce me to their other friends who also enjoy playing these games. I guess I know where a lot of my time next year will be spent. :)

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