Wednesday, December 09, 2015

[Davao] S'mores from Kai Artisan

While in Davao, I got to try the S'mores from Kai Artisan. They are really good!

How did I discover this? I was looking for a sweet snack to go with my coffee while I was in SM Lanang and I stumbled across the Lanang Weekend Market. I decided to take a look to see if there was something there that I would want to try.

As it turned out, I was drawn to a display of chocolates at the Kai Artisan stall.

I decided I wanted to try their s'mores.

I have to say, I absolutely loved it! It is quite possibly the best s'more I've ever had. Granted, I haven't had that many but I really did enjoy this. So much so that the next day I decided to buy more.

I can't recall how much each one costs but these s'mores are definitely worth every centavo. I would have gotten a box to take home on my last day but they ran out. Maybe the next time I'm in Davao, I will try these again.

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