Thursday, December 10, 2015


(I recently got to visit two Philippine cities for the first time - Davao and Bacolod - to attend to some business. My trips were very short and I didn't get to see enough of both places but I will be writing about what I did experience in these trips. Hopefully I get to visit Davao and Bacolod again soon.)

Bacolod is a popular destination for Filipino food-trippers so it was natural that my stint in Bacolod would include trying out a lot of their well-renowned restaurants. Thankfully, I was no longer as busy during this trip so I was able to try many different places and even visit the Ruins (which I will write about later). It probably helped that we stayed at L'Fisher, which is pretty central and close to a lot of popular restaurants (Calea and Felicia's are just across the street and 21 and the Lord Byron's satellite are a few blocks away). I also have a friend who lives in Bacolod and one night, he took me to Marketplace, a relatively new hang-out area in the city.

I also managed to pass by Bongbong's (which was also just next to the hotel) on my last day in Bacolod to get pasalubong. I got there about half an hour before the store closed and in fact, my timing was pretty good because they were giving away hot piaya to customers when I was there. I also managed to get the last three boxes of napoleones.


My "loot" ended up consisting of: 3 boxes of napoleones (P135 each), 1 big bag of barquiron (P88), 2 medium bags of barquiron (P42 each), 1 small bag of barquiron (P24), 3 bags of piaya (P35 each), and 1 pack of piaya thins (P82).

I will write in more detail about the different eating experiences I had in Bacolod over the next few blog posts.

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