Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[Bacolod] Byron's

I had heard about the awesome ribs at Byron's from my friends from Bacolod so I wanted to try this place during my visit. I was told that they sometimes run out of ribs quite early in the day but there wasn't any chance for us to go to the main restaurant located at Block 8 Stork Street, Homesite, Montevista. However, we learned that there was a "satellite" Lord Byron's stall right across the street from 21 Restaurant. On our last night in Bacolod, I decided to try this place out to see if they still had ribs available. I didn't have high hopes since it was already 9pm at the time. However, when we got there, we were told that they still had enough for everyone in our group. Cool!

I decided to get the Back Ribs (P150) which is their best seller. It's a pretty good portion size considering the price and it really did live up to my already high expectations. These back ribs are indeed very good!

Back Ribs (P150)

The satellite branch we visited is located in the Cafe Bob's Open Grounds at 21st Lacson Street. You can also find a lot of other restaurants in these grounds, including a satellite Aida's Chicken.

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