Monday, December 14, 2015

[Bacolod] Felicia's

Felicia's is another very well-known cake and pastry shop in Bacolod. In the interest of trying as many new places as I could, I made sure to visit this place as well.

I decided to try a slice of their Pavlova (P85). Pavlova is supposed to be this fluffy meringue dessert that is topped with fresh fruit. I would say that the name of this dessert is misleading because it isn't really a pavlova but it is very good and not too sweet. I was happy with my choice and I would love to have this again.

Pavlova (P85 per slice)

I was told that their Ensaymada (P95) is arguably the best in the country so I decided to try it. While you would think it's not cheap since you don't normally see ensaymada priced at close to a hundred pesos, this one is really big and it is delicious and very light and fluffy. It isn't too sweet and the butter and sugar don't overwhelm this baked goodie. This is definitely one of the best ensaymadas I've had. If I get to visit Bacolod again, I may just buy a big box of this to take back to Manila as pasalubong. :)

Ensaymada (P95)

Coffee here is only P60. Aside from cakes, Felicia's also has several pastry options, such as the interesting-looking Chocolate Caramel Praline (we were told that this is extremely good but quite dangerous because it feels like each bite carries with it hundreds of calories LOL). Felicia's also has a lot of other packaged sweets and savory dishes.

There are many different Felicia's shops in Bacolod. The ones I know of are at the Doll Bldg 6th St, on 15th Lacson Street (across L'Fisher), and at the North Wing, SM Bacolod.

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