Thursday, May 31, 2018

Airbnb find in Tagaytay: Casa dlF

My friends and I initially planned to have an out-of-town overnight trip last December but it didn't push through because people's schedules were tight. I suggested we instead head out of town during the summer so last March, I revived that plan and I started looking for venues in Airbnb that could comfortably house our entire group. I then saw Casa dlF, a 3-storey Rest House in Tagaytay. The pictures in their Airbnb listing looked very interesting and it looked like the place had more than enough room to house a group our size so I shared it with my friends and everyone thought it was a good idea. I decided to book it immediately.

When we got there, I have to say that our already high expectations were exceeded. The place is beautiful! My friend's daughter actually told my friend that she was very happy that we chose this place. Cool! For the firt half hour or so of me being there, I think I just kept going around all three floors plus the rooftop taking photos (I ended up taking more than a hundred over that weekend LOL).

The place is also huge! The second floor was already very spacious and there are three floors. There are also many windows and the doors allow lots of light to come in. The first and second floors had two doors each, and we kept them open to allow the fresh Tagaytay air to come in.

As if the space of the common areas wasn't enough, even the bedrooms were big. Each room has multiple beds. The 2nd floor alone can probably house up to 20 people. (There are two more bedrooms on the 1st floor and another one on the 3rd floor. Up to 30 or so people can actually stay overnight here). All rooms are air-conditioned and each one has its own bathroom.

While the second floor common area has a bit of a more "normal" design, the ground floor common area showcases more of the Moorish inspiration. There are more seating options here, both inside and outside. I also think it's pretty cool that there is a fountain at the center of the room.

The first floor seating areas are very plush and are decorated with colorful and intricate tapestries and fabrics.

Adding more personality and uniqueness to the ground floor is the bathroom, which has walls that are covered in irregular glass pieces. We didn't get to use it but it was really very interesting. :)

To go up and down the three floors, you can choose to use the indoor stairs or the outdoor steps. All of them are decorated with beautiful tiles.

The primary attraction of the third floor is the very big veranda. We spent a lot of time lounging about here in the afternoon. My friend also played board games with the kids using the huge table at the center of the space. The 3rd floor is also the only place in the house where you can get a good mobile signal.

You can head up to a section of the rooftop via a metal staircase. There are some pretty awesome views of the gardens and greenery from there.

You can also see the Moorish-inspired dome that is directly on top of the indoor staircase.

The muti-colored windows allow light to come in to illuminate the stairs. Inside the dome is this very interesting decorative art piece.

Casa dlF doesn't have WiFi and the mobile signal is weak except on the 3rd floor. There is a TV somewhere according to the info on their Airbnb listing but we didn't use it. As such, this is a perfect place for groups to hang out to enjoy each other's company. Given its size, I would say it is also ideal for large families or groups of friends that are traveling to Tagaytay together (e.g. for an outing or to attend a wedding). There is also a lot of parking.

When I shared a picture on social media, I got a few questions from people asking for the details of this place. It really is very photogenic, both during the day and at night.

I have to say, apart from being big and beautiful, this place has so much personality and charm. After taking a ton of photos, I realized I didn't get to take one with me in it so before we left, I had to address that situation. :)

While renting this place is not cheap for small groups, it does become quite affordable for bigger groups (15 and up). I definitely recommend staying here, and maybe my friends and I (or even a different set of friends) will get to book this amazing house again in the future.

Casa dlF - a 3-storey Rest House in Tagaytay

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