Sunday, April 01, 2018

Sans Rival in Dumaguete

Being the sweet tooth that I am, I made sure I visited the famous Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries in Dumaguete. In fact, I actually visited this place on five of the six days I was there, including right before I flew back to Manila LOL.

There are at least two Sans Rivals that I saw, although two of them are next to each other. The main one is Sans Rival Bistro which is right along Rizal Boulevard at the corner of San Jose street (and on the side of the Bistro along San Jose Street is a smaller Sans Rival take-out shop). There is also another one inside Robinsons Place Dumaguete. I was able to visit both.

As I visited this place quite a few times, I was actually able to try many desserts. One of them was the Date and Walnut Dacquoise (P94/slice, P650/whole cake). It was a unique dessert that I hadn't seen anywhere before so I made sure to try it. Unfortunately for me, I think the slice I got was a really old one since the meringue was already tough and very chewy and the dates were really hard. When I shared this with some other people who had tried this dessert, they said that it was supposed to be really good and it was their favorite. I guess that means I have to try it again if I have a chance.

Date & Walnut Dacquoise

The Choco Cream Banana Cake (P79/slice, P420/whole cake) is ideal for people who enjoy bananas in their dessert and who love chocolate.

Choco Cream Banana Cake

I also tried the Mango Mousse Torte (P73/slice, P480/whole cake). It was good but it'd probably not something I would get again since there are other mango-based desserts that I absolutely love such as the Mango Torte of Dulcelin. There are also other desserts in Sans Rival that I enjoyed more so I would probably go with those instead.

Mango Mousse Torte

The silly thing is that I didn't take pictures of my two favorite desserts that I tried here: Cookie Monster and the Frozen Brazo. Cookie Monster is a really good chocolate cake while their Frozen Brazo is actually prepared with vanilla ice cream. If I get to revisit this place, I would probably order these two again.

Of course, this place is known for its sans rival and silvanas. However, since we do have House of Silvanas in Manila which serves these two same items, I decided to try other items that are not served here. (The owner of House of Silvanas is the granddaughter of the owner of Sans Rival; read more here).


Update: apparently, Sans Rival has now opened in Manila. A facebook post went viral, sharing that Sans Rival from Dumaguete opened a branch in Glorietta 4 near Food Choices underneath the escalator leading to the cinema. That is actually the same spot occupied by House of Silvanas. My guess is that House of Silvanas will be rebranding to carry the name of its mother company since that same facebook post was edited to say that two more branches of Sans Rival are opening in Manila: one in Shangri-La Mall and another one in Robinsons Magnolia. These are the exact same malls where House of Silvanas has shops. I guess Sans Rival is the more well-known brand so it makes sense to leverage its popularity.

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