Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Graduation Dinner at Ooma

Congratulations to my nephew on his graduation! I was a bit late for the ceremony since it was scheduled on a work day but I still arrived early enough in the program so the only thing I missed was the entrance of the graduating students. Apart from this incredible milestone in my nephew's life, the ceremony was made even more special by two things. First, my mom was asked to give a talk to the students. Normally, this is a role reserved for parents but in this case, they had a grandparent give the speech. The second thing was that during the second song number of the graduates, my nephew actually played guitar. Cool!

My nephew said he wanted us to have our dinner celebration in a Japanese restaurant so I thought it would be cool to bring my family to Ooma. We ordered a whole lot of dishes on the menu. My favorite was probably the Tuna Tataki (P198). The tuna was fresh and the whole dish was packed with amazing flavor. I ended up ordering two of these.

Tuna Tataki

The Hanger Steak (P498) is a sous-vide hanging tenderloin with sauteed mushrooms, white truffle oil doesn't seem like your traditional Japanese dish. I guess this is kind of like a fusion version of Kobe beef. It looks very appetizing and thankfully, it tasted just as good as it looked.

Hanger Steak

The Buta Kakuni (P370) or slow roasted pork belly was really tender. The coconut gave the dish a sweetness that worked well with the pork.

Buta Kakuni

My photo of the Tempura Soft Shell Crab Maki (P295) is unfortunately horribly unfocused but we did enjoy eating it.

Tempura Soft Shell Crab Maki

Of course, we can't go to a Japanese restaurant without ordering the requisite Ebi Tempura (P390). While it still comes with the usual tempura sauce, it is also served with a couple of other dipping sauces that were quite interesting to try.

Ebi Tempura

There were a lot of other dishes we ordered that I was unable to take photos of, such as the California Taco-Maki and the Tori Kara-age. The sad thing that night was that they didn't have salmon in stock so we couldn't order any salmon dishes such as the salmon tataki. Still, Ooma does serve really good food and I'm glad I was able to take my family here.


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