Sunday, November 26, 2017

November hodgepodge

My high school friends and I met up at Novotel in Cubao (next to Araneta Coliseum) to celebrate Iona's birthday. I don't get to go to Cubao very often so I didn't know that there was a Novotel there. The hotel buffet spread is pretty good and I ended up overeating as I tend to do when I go to all-you-can-eat places. I also finally got to give Joyce my birthday gift to her - a Spot It! game - and she ended up playing it with Iona's kids after dinner.

I also finally got my SSS Unified Multi-purpose ID! When I applied for it about 4 months ago, I was told to expect it within 3 to 6 months. I was expecting it to arrive closer to 6 months so I am quite happy to have gotten it sooner than that.

A bit of unfortunate news. One night, I parked my car right next to a waist-high metal post - the kind they hang ropes on to cordon off an area - and I completely forgot it was there when I drove out. Since I left the parking lot very late at night, there were no other cars next to me so I just swung the car wide heading towards the exit. It was then that I heard the metal post scrape against the right side of my car. Crap. The sadder thing is that it scratched two panels. Not sure how much the paint job will cost me but at least the car repair man will earn a bit of extra money in time for Christmas. I just have to view it that way so I don't get too dismayed.

I also got to try Uberpool for the first time. I wasn't in any rush and I was having difficulty getting an UberX so I decided to try Uberpool and I managed to book a car quite quickly. Cool! I tend not to be a very sociable person while traveling - I don't particularly like talking to strangers while in transit, and yes, that includes people sitting next to me on planes - so I decided to sit in front (I was the first to get picked up). Not a bad experience apart from the fact that the guy we passed by wasn't at the pick-up point when we got there (the Uber driver had to message him to say we were there) but I did save about P100. I guess I will try Uberpool again in the future on days or nights that I am not in a rush.

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