Sunday, July 24, 2016

July hodgepodge

The highlight of the month was catching up with two of my closest and dearest friends, Amy and Duncan, along with their kids. I last saw Amy 2 years ago while I last saw Duncan a couple of years before that. I hadn't seen the two of them at the same time since maybe the mid-2000s. They were staying in the Ortigas area and since I didn't want them to brave Manila traffic, I volunteered to meet them there. We meet up in Podium and Amy decided that we would have dinner in Bonifacio because it served Filipino food. The great thing about great friends is that even if you don't see each other in years, when you finally do, you just pick up so easily and comfortably from where you left off.

We got to spend a couple of hours together over dinner before they had to call it a night. Before heading home, I decided to get some food from places I don't normally get to visit. I got a cronut and a carrot cake from Wildflour (the cronut wasn't as good as I remember the Wildflour cronut being, while the carrot cake was decent although a bit on the sweet side), the stuffed chicken pasta from Gino's Brick Oven Pizza (the price went up since I was here last), and brewed coffee from Figaro (it's been a while since I enjoyed their locally grown coffee).

I also purchased a new shoe cabinet. My previous one had been broken for a while now but I didn't feel the need to replace it. That is, until I visited SM Our Home recently and found this shoe cabinet that had a mirror on its sliding door. It was on the expensive side but it was the only one I had seen in the last few years that I was interested in getting so after thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I finally made my purchase. Good timing too because SM was on sale so I got it at 10% discount. Cool!

My recent spending (including my Singapore shopping spree) must have been noticed by my credit card provider because when I went online to check my outstanding balance, I noticed that my credit limit had increased by almost 70%. Whoa! While high credit limits aren't always the best thing for people who can't control their spending, I am generally pretty good when it comes to managing my expenses. A higher credit limit also comes in pretty handy when you need to make big purchases.

Oh and I am pretty excited that the latest season of Suits already started. This is the first time in a long time that I have been eagerly anticipating a TV series. The first two episodes have been really interesting so far, and the big twist in the first episode has me really curious how this season is going to unfold and what will happen to Mike, Harvey, and the rest of the characters.

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