Saturday, March 05, 2016

[Boracay] La Cozina

La Cozina now stands where the Greek restaurant Zuzuni used to be. (Zuzuni is still around, but now just as a boutique hotel.) Located at the point where Station 1 and Station 2 meet, this beachfront restaurant now serves Spanish-Mexican fare.

I was thinking about getting the Baby Back Ribs but since I knew I wanted dessert, I decided to get something which I felt was a bit lighter. I instead ordered the Pork Belly Porchetta Tacos (P250). They were pretty good although I did find the fat in the pork belly a bit too, er, fatty (I was hoping they would be a bit more crunchy).

Since it was a warm night, I decided to get a glass of sangria. The menu indicates the price of sangria by the pitcher but the waiter told me that I could order a glass. I think the glass cost about P200 and a pitcher costs P650.

I had initially planned to order the Mati Sin for dessert. This is a flourless chocolate lava cake that was part of the Zuzuni menu back in the day (and it was also in the menu of Mati, a Greek restaurant in Rockwell about a decade ago). This dessert is tremendously good but after having my tacos, I felt that maybe the Mati sin would be a bit too heavy for me. I decided instead of get the Churros Con Chocolate (P164).

Each order contains 6 churros and thick and rich chocolate sauce. I partnered it with Long Black coffee (P80). These churros were really good and the chocolate sauce was absolutely delectable. It was too bad I was full already because I was only able to eat half my order (I obviously took the rest back to my hotel but when I had them a few hours later, they weren't as good anymore as they were when they had just been prepared.)

The menu of La Cozina is quite limited and personally, I preferred when it was still Zuzuni and served Greek food. Nevertheless, it was still a satisfying meal and the service was good.

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