Tuesday, March 08, 2016

[Boracay] Cafe Del Sol

As if my heavy dinner at Epic wasn't filling enough, I made my way to Cafe Del Sol (which is also at D'Mall) to have coffee and dessert. And add a few more pounds. :)

There's a large selection of desserts and sweets here and it took me a while to decide what to get. I knew that I didn't want something too heavy since I was still pretty stuffed.

I ended up choosing the Torta Del Sol (P150), with its interesting checkerboard design. The verdict? It was just okay. The waitress did tell me it was a buttercream dessert but I didn't realize just how, er, "buttercreamy" it would be.

Of course, I was still able to eat the whole thing. :) I paired it with a mug of Cafe Americano (P110). In retrospect, I think the Mango Crepe Indulgence would have been a better choice for me (I was choosing between those two desserts before opting for the one with chocolate). Nevertheless, I do think that Cafe Del Sol is a good place to enjoy coffee while you are in Boracay.

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