Saturday, February 06, 2016

Food tripping in Kalibo: Ramboy's

Ramboy's came up in a couple of lists I saw online of food places that you shouldn't miss when you are in Kalibo. It is supposed to be known for it's liempo, which is a bit unique because unlike most other liempo dishes, the Ramboy's version has a very crispy crackling skin. When I learned about this, I knew I had to try it.

Ramboy's, like most lechon manok and liempo places (such as Andok's) is primarily a take-out joint. I read online that you can pay an additional P10 to eat in so I had initially planned to do that, but when I got there, no one else was dining in and there seemed to be only one person preparing and selling the food so I ended up just getting an order of liempo for take out.

An order of liempo is P290 but it serves about 3-4 people. I also have to say that it absolutely lived up to the hype. While the meat is good and tasty, the star of this dish is the crackling skin. I don't know how they season it but it not only has a really good crunch to it, it also has a whole lot of flavor.

Since I was by myself in my hotel room, I couldn't eat all of it in one go so I had a third of it for early dinner (around 7pm), another third for a midnight meal (don't worry, I didn't sleep immediately after eating), and the rest I consumed the next morning. What's amazing is that even the next morning, more than 12 hours after I bought the liempo, the crackling skin was still very crispy. I don't know if there is more than one Ramboy's in Kalibo but the one I visited was along Toting Reyes Street, at the corner of N Roldan Street (just one short block away from Roxas Avenue).

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