Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Food tripping in Kalibo: Peil

I visited Peil on Saturday afternoon before I joined my relatives for our late afternoon sadsad. It is on the corner of 19 Martyrs and Acevedo Streets, and it is in fact on the same building complex as Primavera (albeit on the opposite side). I saw this place on Friday afternoon and I noticed that the place was packed and they served crepes. I decided this was a perfect place for me to have an afternoon snack.

Peil doesn't only serve crepes; they also have a lot of other items, including savory dishes, on the menu. The challenge I had was that the menu didn't have descriptions of the different crepes. I ended up getting the Red Maisie, which the waiter told me was a strawberry crepe.

Red Maisie crepe (P135)

Red Maisie (P135) is served with a generous drizzle of strawberry sauce and a scoop of strawberry ice cream. It is served with bananas, cream, and surprisingly, cereal! I had never tried crepes served with cereal before and I actually really enjoyed this. The cereal provided a good crunchy, textural contrast and made this sweet snack even more satisfying.

The downside of Peil is that they don't serve coffee, not even instant. I ended up ordering softdrinks to go with my crepe. While I do wish they had brewed coffee in this place, the crepe I had was really good so I wouldn't mind visiting this place again to try the other crepes on their menu.

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