Saturday, November 21, 2015

An afternoon in Eastwood

Thanks to the public holidays that were announced in Metro Manila due to the APEC Summit, my friends and I were able to hang out. We definitely wanted to avoid EDSA in case the traffic there would be bad and while we first wanted to try some of the new places in Marikina and Antipolo, we eventually decided to meet up at Eastwood Mall instead. Michele and Fergus had to leave in the early afternoon so we decided to have brunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club. (I tried their Vigan Longganis and it was sweet, not what I was expecting since I prefer my Vigan longganisa to be quite savory and having strong flavors.)

We had a few kids with us so we decided to swing by Toys R Us. The kids ended up wanting to get some toys so Michele very generously got them what they were asking for. As soon as we stepped out of Toys R Us, we had the kids board the kiddie train. It actually just went around the floor (which was a very short ride) but it cost P50 per person to get on board. I felt it was kinda expensive but the kids enjoyed it and it was good for photo ops too. As if that wasn't enough kids' fun that afternoon, we took them to the carousel.

By mid-afternoon, it was time for some coffee. I had seen Recession Coffee on TV recently and when I saw that it was on the same floor we were on, I decided to try it. The interesting thing about this cafe is that you actually decide the price of the coffee. Pretty interesting and unique concept.

While you'd think it would lose money by having this kind of set-up, 'kahihiyan' (or embarrassment) is ingrained in Filipino culture and we don't normally want to do something that makes us feel ashamed afterwards so I guess people who try this cafe will end up not wanting to pay too little for the coffee. Especially since there a sign right next to the cashier that gives you the current average price (it was P131 at the time we were there.) There's also an interesting sign hanging above the cashier that indicates what they would like to tell you based on how much you pay.

We got two cups of coffee and paid P260 for both (so we were at around the average price). In the end, I felt that while the coffee is good, it comes in a small glass and I felt that P130 for a cup of their coffee was a bit too expensive. I also think it would be better if they serve the coffee then the person decides how much to pay after trying it. That way, it becomes a payment based on quality and enjoyment of the product and service. I also think they should increase the amount of coffee per serving. I think people would be willing to pay more if were more fully satisfied with the taste as well as the serving size. Still, it was an interesting thing to try.

We swung by the Office Warehouse and the hardware shop on that floor since Iona, JP, and Joyce all had to get a few things and once all the errands were sorted out, we said our goodbyes. It was the first time we had this kind of an afternoon and as I was telling Joyce later, maybe we should do this more often.

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