Monday, October 05, 2015

UP Pep Squad: Utak at Puso

Of all UP's UAAP Cheerdance Competition losses over the years, this one stings the most. The amazing UP Pep Squad put together an incredibly exciting and moving routine with the theme "Utak at Puso" that had audiences raving. Sadly and surprisingly, they ended up only 2nd runner up. Despite the loss, I am still massively proud of the show they put together. Check out their amazing routine:

video uploaded in youtube by Philippine Collegian

(This video was taken courtside so it isn't the full view; if you want to see the full version that we got to see on TV, check out this video uploaded in youtube by ABS-CBN Sports and Action.)

From the beating heart formation at the start to a repeat of one of their awesome pyramids in past years where one woman lifted two other women with her interlocked arms in an incredible display of feminine strength, to the scintillating final sequence performed to an amazing guitar version of UP Naming Mahal that closed with a heart-shaped pyramid that brought the house down, this for me was one of UP's most memorable routines.

I watched the Cheerdance Competition with my friends from DLSU, FEU, and Mapua and a lot of them were saying they had goosebumps watching the showstopping climax, as did I. Apparently many other people who aren't from UP were just as moved:

To be honest, I wasn't expecting the UP Pep Squad to win, not because I didn't think they didn't deserve to win (they do!) but because they were the first to perform and I have almost never seen the first performer in a judging competition win. But for them to land in third place was just disheartening. I'm not a gymnast so I will just assume that the teams that the schools that beat UP did perform tumbling passes and tosses that had higher degrees of difficulty, resulting in their massive leads over UP (although unless an expert explains the scoring system to me, I don't think I will agree that the discrepancy should have been that big). I hope that UP learn from this and figure out a way to bump up their tossing and tumbling scores and strengthen their dancing and choreography in the future.

Regardless of this result, many will agree that the UP performance was the most memorable of the day. UP also continue their unprecedented and unparalleled streak of 20 consecutive top three finishes in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. They will also be competing in the Cheerleading World Championships in Berlin next month so I with them all the best.

Congratulations on an amazing performance, UP Pep Squad, and good luck in Germany! #UPuso

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