Monday, October 12, 2015

Subic weekend

It's been ages since I visited Subic. Considering that the SCTEX makes it quite easy to get there now from Manila, I am surprised that I hadn't been there more often. So when my friends and I agreed to go out of town somewhere for the weekend, I decided we should take a trip to Subic.

I saw a voucher on the now-defunct Groupon Beeconomic for Forest View Leisure Residences and I thought it would be good to try this place. The apartments have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms which was pretty good for a group of 10. It also has a kitchen so visitors can cook their own food. We decided that since we weren't in Subic very often, we would just head out for our meals instead of cooking. The place wasn't 5-star by any means but it was pretty sufficient for our needs and there was enough space for all of us.

Apart from going duty free shopping and me wanting to try Texas Joe's House of Ribs (which we did; I'll write separately about this later), we didn't really have any other plans. The may point was just to head out of town somewhere and chill out. Apart from Texas Joe's, my friends and I also got to try  Rachi Curry Corner (I'll write about this separately as well).

I brought several card games with me and I also brought 7 Wonders which I thought we could play in the evening but once we brought out the drinks and chips, it felt like too much of a hassle to make space on the table to place these games. Instead, my friends and I enjoyed many hours of Heads Up! fun. We started out with the some of the less physically exhausting categories such as movies and music, but a lot of the biggest laughs came when we started playing charades. We were all sweating by the time we decided to call it a night but the game did leave us all quite exhausted so we all fell asleep quite easily. :)

On our way home, we went duty free shopping although I must say, I wasn't too happy with the selection in Pure Gold. Normally when I go duty free shopping, I purchase items that are significantly cheaper there (such as the 40-ounce bag of Reese's miniatures which cost about the same as a 19-ounce pack in Manila) or items that aren't readily or easily available. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of items there that met these criteria so I ended up buying just a few things (mostly chocolates). I do have plans to visit Subic again soon, and when I do, I'll most likely try a few other places instead.

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