Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Subic: Rachi Curry Corner

For dinner on Saturday night of our Subic trip, the plan was to try Sakura, which is currently rated #2 among Subic restaurants in Tripadvisor. However, while were driving along, we saw a sign on the road that said Rachi Curry Corner. My friends suddenly had a bit of a craving for curry so we decided at the last minute to change our plans and try this place instead.

When we were seated, there was a bit of trepidation about our restaurant choice since we weren't sure whether the food here would be good. However, once our orders arrived, we were all quite pleased. We got quite a few items for sharing, such as samosas, naan, and roti to complement our main dishes. My favorite dish that we got was the Chicken Curry:

The Chicken Tikka Masala was good but I preferred the simpler Chicken Curry.

We also got three plates of Biryani (these were pretty sizable but were all very hungry so we managed to eat everything. :))

The food here is pretty good, the portion sizes are quite large, and the dishes are not very expensive. (Unfortunately, I didn't keep the receipt but I believe everything we ordered was in the P300-400 range and practically everything was for sharing. Many good Indian restaurants in Metro Manila would have dishes that cost a lot more than that and the portions wouldn't be as big).

You can find Rachi Curry Corner along Sta. Rita Road in Subic, quite near the corner of Sta. Rita road and Rizal Highway.

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