Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Subic again

Interesting how I hadn't been to Subic in years then in just a span of about a month, I get to go there twice. This time around, I went there for a team building/planning activity. Thankfully, we managed to find a place that had a kitchen and that could actually fit all twenty or so of us. And since the team didn't want to go to Pansol (which is normally the default venue for team events), this place we found in Subic proved to be a good alternative for us.

Our leads kicked off the event by breaking everyone up into three groups to play tangram puzzle games. To make things more interesting and entertaining, in each round, only one person could touch the puzzle in each round but everyone else could give instructions and suggestions on what to do. That made for some animated and loud game play. :) Afterwards, everyone went through the four temperaments personality test that provided interesting insight into our tendencies and dominant behaviors and how best to interact with others. After a very satisfying dinner, our event organizers kicked off some "Minute to win it" games. My big moment that night was when I competed in Puddle Jumper and dominated my competition as I completed it while my opponents were unable to get even one ping pong ball properly into the other cup. Cool!

While check-out was at 12 noon, we all decided to leave a bit earlier to give us time to go to shopping at Royal Duty Free. I ended up getting a whole lot of chocolates that aren't easily available in Manila - After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins, Milka (I got a couple of variants but the Noisette one was on sale at P41 each so I got a few of those), Cadbury Oreo and Cadbury Puddles. I also decided to get the Leclerc Célébration butter cookies with dark chocolate and the Creme de Pirouline chocolate hazelnut artisan rolled wafers. (That's a whole lot of sugar...) I also decided to get a lot of the special Alpo flavors for our dog since they were a lot cheaper in Royal than they are in Manila.

Oh and this trip also allowed me to try two restaurants I had never been to before. Before we checked into our Subic accommodations, we decided to have lunch in Coco Lime. It is currently ranked #3 among Subic restaurants on Tripadvisor and it definitely lived up to this hype. The food was really good - I especially enjoyed their sisig and  Chili Chicken Wings. What's more, the food was pretty inexpensive. We spent less than P2,000 for ten people (that's less than P200 each!) and we were all pretty full and thoroughly satisfied after our meal. I definitely recommend this restaurant.

On our way back home to Manila after our duty free shopping, we had lunch at Meat Plus Cafe. I decided to go for the Rib Eye (P435).

Before placing my order, one of my teammates told me he tried it before and thought it was just okay. That made me think twice but I decided I wanted to try it anyways since it wasn't too expensive for a steak and I was hoping my friend just had a not-so-good serving before. After trying it, I have to agree with the assessment that this steak was just okay. The next time I visit, I'd probably try the roast beef, the baby back ribs, or maybe a different steak cut.

New restaurants aside and shopping aside, it was a really great team building activity. Our dynamic as a group was already good to begin with but this event has strengthened  it even further. so much so that people have already started talking about doing more activities together. Cool. :)

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