Monday, August 24, 2015

Board game weekend

The long weekend was a good excuse to gather my friends and play board games. I used to think that the complicated board games I have don't have wide appeal, due to their complicated nature. However, my recent trips to DyceNDyne and Ludo Cafe as well as my experiences playing Resistance made me realize that a lot of my friends have a good enough interest level in these complicated board games. I invited a couple of sets of friends for board game weekend - one set of friends on Friday and another on Saturday - and the result was hours and hours of fun and entertainment.

I decided to stick to just just two games. Ticket to Ride is always a good starting game because it's easy to explain. It's also ideal for 3-5 players so when a few people have arrived, game play can already start.

Ticket to Ride

Once people have gotten into the board game atmosphere, I bring out 7 Wonders. This is probably my favorite game (at least of the ones I've tried), not only because each round can be completed quite quickly (around 30 minutes) but also because up to seven players can play, which means it is ideal for big groups. The challenge with this game though is that it is very complicated to explain and both times I had to tell people we needed a trial run where I would help explain things to everyone as we played. Once we got through that very long and challenging first game, things started running more smoothly.

7 Wonders

I made sure that each set of friends played 7 Wonders multiple times so that people would sort of remember how to play it next time. (I mean, if we played this game only 1-3 times, it would be very easy for them to forget how to play it which means I would have to spend another hour or so explaining it to them.) I realized though that despite me playing this game so many times now, I have rarely won. I almost always end up in 2nd or 3rd place which I guess is a good thing. During the long weekend, I did end up winning once against each set of friends, but both times I only tied for first place (I was never a solo winner). I was almost always in the top 3 though, and often in the top 2. I guess my goal should be to win at this game more frequently. :)

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