Sunday, January 05, 2014

Dinner at URBN

I had a craving for cheese soufflé ever since I saw a soufflé challenge on an episode of Master Chef USA. I’ve had chocolate soufflés before but never a cheese one because I didn’t know where in Manila that I could get it. That is, until I stumbled upon a Deal Grocer voucher for URBN Bar and Kitchen a few months ago. I checked out the menu and saw that it had a cheese soufflé so I quickly bought a voucher. :)

When I finally made my way to URBN, I decided to get two items. For my appetizer, I obviously had to go with the Manchego Souffle (P395) to satisfy the craving I’ve had for months already. The photo doesn’t do it justice but I absolutely loved it! It has crispy Jamon Serrano and it is served with a healthy dose of truffle cream sauce. Wow.

For my main course, I got the Slow Cooked Beef Shank (P500). The beef was very tender and well-cooked and it tasted good. the portion was pretty sizeable. It was served on top of Fried Parmesan polenta and the saltiness of the polenta matched the richness of the beef very well. The green beans balanced out the entire dish. Since I already had an appetizer and the beef shank portion was quite big, I ended up eating only half of my main course and taking home the rest.

I am definitely going back to URBN at some point to have at least that Machego Souffle again. Hopefully another voucher becomes available on Deal Grocer so I can get the food at a good discount. :)

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