Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Little Singers of Monaco visit Manila

Okay so this post is a few weeks late but I still wanted to write about this experience. I can't remember how I learned that the Little Singers of Monaco would be performing in the Philippines. I think my mom mentioned it to me and maybe I also saw it in Martin Recommends. Either way, I decided to take my mom to watch it on July 13 in Greenbelt 5 (they had three other performances in Metro Manila). The fact that the show was free encouraged us even more to watch.

The Little Singers of Monaco including the Philippines in their 2013 Asian tour and this was actually the first time they visited the country. The group is composed of 28 singers ranging in age from 10 to 18. The show last for about 75 minutes, during which time they performed several classical pieces from legends like Bach and Mozart, as well as folk songs from Monaco.

Their most recognizable number was perhaps "Un homme et une femme" (a man and a woman). Once the audience realized that they knew this song, they almost in unison gave a very encouraging albeit not-perfectly-timed applause (of course they were so excited to hear something they knew that they couldn't wait until after the performance to clap hahaha). See if you can recognize this song yourself:

video uploaded in youtube by PHILAT7

It was a great show and it's impressive to think how well these kids perform and harmonize despite their age. The fact that they have to act as ambassadors of Monaco to world as they go from country to country makes what they do even more impressive. I don't recall any song of their being sung in English but the audiences gave them a well-deserved standing ovation after their show which clearly indicates that music is a universal language and that talent and hard work will always be appreciated and applauded. Hopefully they come to the Philippines in the future.

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