Thursday, June 13, 2013

Catching up

Daday is a good friend of mine who has been based in Belgium for a while now. We became friends because we were colleagues when I was assigned in Brussels for three months more than a decade ago. We have more or less kept in touch since then but we haven't seen a lot of each other because she normally heads to their province to be with her family whenever she comes home to the Philippines. This time around, her trip back home lasted a lot longer than average so we finally got a chance to catch up.

Since she lives in the Mandaluyong area, we decided that Powerplant mall would be the best place for us to meet up. We had dinner in Cantinetta where we spent about an hour and a half talking about how life has been for both of us. We remained there talking for a while even after our plates had already been cleared. At that point, I suggested that we move to TWG for dessert. I'm a coffee guy but I was curious to try their tea as well as their macarons which are supposed to be quite good. When Daday and I got there, the waiter gave us the tea menu and both of us where a bit overwhelmed. The list of teas they carried was incredibly long! We had to rely on the recommendations of our waiter. In the end, we opted for a pot of Savannah Dawn which Daday and I shared. I also ordered three macarons: Napoleon Tea & Caramel, Earl Grey & Chocolate, and Bain De Rose Tea. All three macarons were quite good. I think my favorite was the Earl Grey & Chocolate.

We called it a night a bit past 9pm because the mall had closed already (although I think TWG was still open) and most of the lights had been turned off. Daday said that she would still be in Manila a bit longer before she flies back to Belgium so we should be able to meet up again soon.

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