Friday, January 25, 2013

Overnight stay at the Picasso Boutique

A friend of mine told me a couple of years ago about the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences in Salcedo Village. I searched it online and I became really interested in it. So when I saw (yet again) an online deal for an overnight stay for four at the Picasso loft, I purchased a voucher. Since my family celebrated the birthday of one of my nephews in the Holiday Inn Ortigas last year, we decided to use my Picasso Boutique voucher for the birthday of my other nephew.

It's not possible to book a loft in Picasso online. (Only two rooms are available when booking it via their website, the Malaga studio and the Barcelona suite.) So if you want the loft, you have to call. However, you have to be ready to pay a lot. I asked the receptionist how much the room was with no discount and apparently, it costs a whopping P15,000! Thank God for my voucher. Otherwise, it would have been too expensive for us to stay here.

The room is really big, as it should be given that it's a loft. But even then, the way the room is laid out gives you the sense of even more space. There are also a lot of seating options, some of which you can actually sleep in quite comfortably. I can easily understand why the voucher I purchased was marketing this room as a party venue for 15 people (although of course only four adults were allowed to sleep in the room overnight).

My nephews brought with them their Wii, which was a good idea because we had a pretty big TV which meant they could enjoy the games a bit more. The only downside of staying in a loft is that there are no walls to isolate sound, so when someone was watching TV upstairs and my nephews were playing their Wii, the sounds tended to clash. But that really wasn't such a big deal. :)

Picasso Boutique Hotel is a good place to stay because the rooms are spacious yet very cozy and comfortable. Being located in Salcedo Village means that it is right in the heart of Makati, with a lot of restaurants and even Mercury Drugstore being just a stone's throw away. An added bonus if you stay there during the weekend like we did is that you end up being away from the bustling crowds.

My mom and grandma were able to go to the Salcedo Market for the first time after breakfast the next day where they made a couple of purchases. The breakfast here was a mix of ala carte and buffet - there are a few buffet items like breads and cheeses, but all guests also get to order one more item from the ala carte menu. I ended up getting Eggs Benedict. After we checked out, we all went to Relish at Ponte for lunch, which was just a couple of blocks away. My family really enjoyed the food here, and I will write in more detail about this restaurant in my next post.

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