Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friends and food

The weekend started early on Friday night when I joined Anne and Georg in Eat Well at the Fort. They organized with their friends in Manila before they fly out, and it was great that a lot of folks came most of whom I haven't seen in an a long time. Since people were hanging out after months or more of not seeing each other, we ended up chatting the night away until we realized it was already quite late and we were practically the only people left in the restaurant.

After dinner, I headed over to Wursty Wursty in McKinley Hill to join Marco for his birthday celebration. Marco and our other friends had already been there for a while so I had some catching up to do. However, because I was so full from my very heavy dinner, I opted to have wine while everyone else was drinking beer. We called it a night at around half past three. Which was probably the best time to go home because I was meeting up with Walter and Robert for lunch in Tong Yang. I hadn't seen these guys in months, and it's been even longer since I last ate at Tong Yang.

We split up at close to 3pm because I also had to drive to QC for Jelo's first birthday party. I was expecting the traffic to be quite bad getting there but somehow, it was smooth sailing up until around 3-4 kilometers from the party venue. I was initially planning to bring a pie with me since Iona told me that the party would be semi-potluck but my back, which gave me problems late last week, started acting up again. I guess I was really tired after my long first week at work after the holidays. Anyways, I was already running late so I opted to go straight to the party; after all, Iona told me not to worry too much about bringing something. Thankfully, I didn't because there was a ton of food at the party. I had two platefuls upon arriving and then another half-plate plus a slice of chocolate cake before I left.

So the first part of my weekend has been positively busy but I am looking forward to Sunday while will mostly be me-time. Hopefully I can get a bit of rest tomorrow and my back starts feeling better again.

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