Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dutch Bread Hauz

My friend Tricia told me over Christmas that she got to try this place called Dutch Bread Hauz and that I should try to visit if I love bread. Since I do, I decided to drop by to check what they have.

They have a lot of different breads on display but when I was there, I was leaning more towards pastry or dessert-type breads. They had a few of them in display in their see-through refrigerator and I unwisely got one of each. :) The Berliner Bol was kind of like a donut with a generous amount of pastry cream and topped with sugar. I felt the sugar made it a bit difficult to eat but otherwise it was not bad.

Berliner Bol

The Custard was kind of like a bread eclair. Or maybe even a pastry cream sandwich when you think about it. The soft bread bun is topped with powdered sugar then sliced in the middle and filled with a generous helping of pastry cream in the middle. I liked this one better than the Berliner Bol.


My favorite would be what they call the Fruit Pie. This is like the traditional Danish Pastry topped with an assortment of fruits. This was my favorite of the three I tried.

Fruit Pie

Note of course that I did not eat all three breads in one sitting. :) I think I prefer Bread Talk and Baker's Fresh to Dutch Bread Hauz from a selection and price standpoint, although when I do get that craving for European-style buns and I'm in the area, I wouldn't mind going back here. Tricia told me that the sandwich she tried was pretty good so maybe the next time I'm in the area, I'll try that.

Dutch Bread Hauz
5417 Matilde Street Cor. General Luna
Poblacion Makati City
(02) 553 9598

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Anonymous said...

You should try their sandwiches. They have tuna salad, crab salad, broodjebal which is really really good together with breads like croissant, maize roll or hard bun white. ;) I'm also a big fan of this bakery, 'cause it was just downstairs.