Thursday, November 24, 2011


Haven't been to Boracay in a while and since I badly needed time away from work, I spent a weekend here. Perfect place to unwind, given that Boracay was ranked #4 in the list of 2011 World's Best Islands of Travel and Leisure, besting places like the Great Barrier Reef Islands, Maui, and Galapagos.

This trip involved walking barefoot along the beach, food-tripping (Kasbah, Epic, Aria, Lemon Cafe), having drinks at night (Exit Bar), and lounging about both on the beach and in the sea. Quite a few changes in Boracay since I was there last, including the airport which is now pretty good. What hasn't changed are the glorious sunsets (although a whole horde of clouds on the western sky made it tough to catch a glimpse of the sun setting in the horizon).

A weekend in Boracay isn't anywhere near enough time to relax and enjoy so hopefully I can take a bit more time off work for my next trip here.

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