Saturday, June 25, 2011

Octavia on Got to Dance UK

This has to be one of the most expressive 7-year old dancers I have seen. Other talented children have come out on shows like Got To Dance and Live to Dance and they may perform with better technique and choreography, but Octavia's expression, in both her face and her movement, is something that I rarely see in other kids. Check it out.

video uploaded in youtube by user GotToDanceSky1

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mercato Night

I had been hearing about Mercato for a while now but up until recently I hadn't been able to visit. Apparently, if you are fond of going on food trips - which I am, as evidenced by my ever-growing waistline - you need to make your way to Mercato during weekend nights.

So I was out having a whole lot of drinks with my friends one Friday night when we realized we were all quite hungry after asking for the bill. Someone suggested we go to Mercato and since a couple of us hadn't been there yet, we all very quickly agreed to grab a late night snack there before heading home.

We got there and I sort of felt like a kid in a candy store. So many food items to choose from! Caught up in the excitement of being in Mercato for the first time, I ended up ordering 5 or 6 pieces of takoyaki, 8 dumplings, lechon baka, and hmm I am sure I ordered one more thing but I somehow can't remember what it was LOL. I probably ordered twice as much as everyone else (not combined, of course LOL). The alcohol (plus the fact that it must've been about 5 hours since my last meal) made me really hungry and I managed to wolf everything down in a really short period of time haha.

I probably packed in an extra 3 pounds that night but it was a really cool experience having a whole variety of pretty good food at your fingertips. Writing this now actually makes me want to pay Mercato another visit soon.


On a separate note, I still haven't tried Banchetto, which came before Mercato and is located in Ortigas. Maybe next time I can tell my friends to get drinks in the Ortigas area and then we run over to Banchetto to have our post-midnight snack there.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This is my 600th blog post since I started my blog a little more than 6 years ago. I'm still averaging about 1 blog post every four days. Not bad! Hope I can continue to keep my blog going for at least another 600 posts. :)

Monday, June 06, 2011

"Love you more" by Sunscreem

Old song but I felt like digging it up on youtube and listening to it.

Video uploaded in youtube by user revenant7605

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Light saver

In the spirit of being more eco-friendly, even by just a bit, I made my first purchase of an energy-saving light bulb recently. In the past, whenever I needed a new light bulb, I would get the traditional incandescent light bulbs because I preferred yellow lighting at home and virtually all energy-saving bulbs I saw were white light. That is, until I busted another light bulb recently.

Ever since we started a campaign to reduce the use of paper cups at work, I've been trying to be a bit more environmentally conscious. So when my light got busted, I decided to look for an energy-saving one that emitted yellow light. I went to the supermarket and found the Panasonic Light Capsule.

After installing it, I thought it wasn't as bright as I wanted it to be. But apparently, after having the light on for a short while, it starts getting brighter until it resembles a 150-watt bulb. Wow!

It's about 3-4 times more expensive than a regular bulb but it is supposed to last for about 10,000 hours - longer than your average incandescent bulb - and it saves energy. Another small step in trying to be more eco-friendly.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Quick Delivery 2121212

I recently got a complimentary copy of a Quick Delivery (2121212) booklet. I didn't use to pay attention to this before but ever since I got the booklet (you don't need it since you can check out their website), I've realized that it's pretty handy to have because it contains the menus of a whole array of restaurants and you just need to dial one telephone number when placing an order from any of them. The drawback is that you have to pay Quick Delivery an extra P10% but that's a fee I'm willing to pay for the service they provide.

Ever since I got this booklet, I've ordered from Bon Chon Chicken, Gloria Maris, and Sentro. I've tagged Cyma and 101 Hawker Food House as potential restos to order from next, and I'm quick excited about it. Obviously it doesn't take a lot to please me LOL.

Read more about Quick Delivery here.