Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kitchen Sink Catastrophe

So I was pulling stuff out from the cabinet underneath my kitchen sink when I felt that it was warm inside. I wasn't quite sure why. That is, until I started moving things around and I noticed that a paper bag was soaking wet. It was at that point that I realized that there was a leak somewhere.  I immediately asked a plumber to take a look. When he checked my plumbing, he told me that the flexible hoses were leaking and that I had to replace them with new ones. It was late in the evening with no chance to buy the hoses until the next day so the plumber told me to just call again once I had the hoses.

The next day, I got the correct hoses from a hardware store and I asked the plumber to come back. However, it was a different guy who came (the one who visited me the previous night had already gone home that evening) so I had to explain to this new guy what the problem was. He said that it was only one of the two flexible hoses that had a problem so he replaced just the one and told me to keep the other as a back-up. I thanked him for his help.

A couple of hours later, I felt that my cabinet would already be dry enough for me to put back all the stuff in it when I notice that a puddle had formed underneath the hoses again. There was still a leak. I asked the plumber to come back and he said that the other hose was apparently also leaking. I hand him my second hose and he proceeded to remove the leaky one that was still currently installed to replace it.

Then, disaster. Apparently, the plumber didn't turn the water source off so as soon as he removed the defective hose, water started to come out of my plumbing, much like water coming out of a faucet that was fully turned all the way up. It badly drenched the bottom of my cabinet and very quickly, water started pouring outside the cabinet. The plumber initially stuck an empty water bottle underneath the nozzle and told me to hold it in place while he turned off the power source. Unfortunately, the water flow was so strong that the water bottle filled up really quickly. I swapped it with a bucket. After several seconds, the bucket was close to being filled when finally the water stopped flowing. To say that was stressful was a big understatement.

It was 11:30PM when this happened and while I was initially very thankful that the plumber was helping me late at night, I was now quite irate. After all, it should be in a plumber's standard operating procedure to make sure that the water source is shut down before trying to repair any plumbing problems. I now had to dry my cabinet and the surrounding areas at close to midnight on a week night instead of getting ready to go to bed. It was around 12:30am when I finished cleaning up but I was still in a pretty foul mood, which meant that I couldn't even sleep immediately.

The positive thing is that at least the leak in my kitchen sink has been repaired. I also ended up noticing quite a few items in my cabinet that I didn't need anymore so I ended up doing some decluttering and throwing out stuff I didn't need anymore. Still, it was quite an unpleasant experience in the middle of the week at a very inopportune time. Hopefully, I don't have any other similar problems in the near future.

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