Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Lost Bread

I've been going to Megamall a bit more frequently recently. On another trip there, I yet again wanted to try a restaurant that I hadn't tried before. So when I passed by The Lost Bread and saw that it had both savory meals and a lot of desserts, I knew I had to try this place.

I believe this restaurant is primarily a dessert place but it does feature four "Affordabowls": Sriracha Chicken, which is apparently their bestseller, Truffled Sisig, Sinigang Sukiyaki, and Beef Tapa. I initially wanted to try the Sriracha Chicken but I was told it was really spicy. I could ask them to make it only mildly spicy but I was worried the spiciness would ruin my taste for dessert after so I decided to go with the Sinigang Sukiyaki (P168) instead. This fusion dish is like a deconstructed sinigang with the beef having a bit of a creamy texture and served with the usual sinigang vegetables on top or rice that is prepared risotto-style, steeped in sinigang soup. I do think the rice was steeped in too much sinigang soup though, I would have liked it to be less soggy. But flavor and concept-wise,  it was a good dish (and affordable too).

Sinigang Sukiyaki Affordabowl (P168)

They don't serve normal soda drinks but they do have their own special sodas. I decided to try That Peachy Bum (P140). It was light and refreshing.

That Peachy Bum soda (P140)

I was initially planning to try their Sub-Zero ice cream, with its interesting blue color, but when I saw a variety of shakes, I decided to go with that instead. I went with their Bonfire Baby Overshake (P140), which seems to be a S'mores-inspired shake with its torched marshmallows, and graham cracker dust. Conceptually it seemed really good but I actually found it a tad sweet. (It's called a baby overshake because it is smaller than their regular-sized premium overshakes.)

Bonfire Baby Overshake (P140)

While I did think that two of the items I ordered that might had room for improvement, I am actually still interested to revisit this place and try the other items on their menu. Maybe next time I will be a bit more adventurous and try their Sriracha Chicken (mildly spicy version) and partner it with a Sub-Zero ice cream. If (when?) I do, I will write about it again.

The Lost Bread is located on the 4th floor of the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. They have another branch in StrEat Maginhawa Food Park.

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