Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Kim Fajardo finds her long-lost uncle

This is such an amazing story. A post about a man named Alfred wanting to go home to Batangas went viral on social media. It was noticed by the family of Kim Fajardo, the setter of the National Team and F2 Logistics and the ex-setter of the DLSU Lady Spikers. She then posted this on twitter:

After more than three decades, could her family have found their long-lost relative? The next day, she then tweeted this:

I can't imagine what the parents of Alfred must have felt after losing him and after 32 years, I'm guessing they never thought they would ever find him again. This reunion with Tito Fredie must have been tremendously powerful and bittersweet. While social media has its cons, it's great to witness the amazing miracles that can happen when it is used positively to help make a difference.

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