Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My first game night of the year

I had my first game night of the year last weekend. I also got to play a couple of games for the first time. One of them was my own game, Valeria Card Kingdoms. I bought it several months ago but I hadn't had the chance to play yet so since I was organizing this game night, I told my friends that my only request for the night was to play this game. :) The instructions are relatively easy and game play is relatively short - the box suggests that takes 30-45 minutes to play but obviously, it took us longer than that given that it was our first time - but it is really enjoyable. I am pretty sure I will be playing this game many more times in the future.

Valeria Card Kingdoms (photo taken by my friend Cla)

I really like the artwork of this game (photo taken by my friend Denise)

The other new game I played is The Game. This is a cooperative game but unlike most other coop games where one or two expert players can become a bit too dominant, this one requires everyone to be fully involved. The goal is to be able to play all of the cards, meaning that there are no cards left in the stacks and none in any of the players hands. In our first round, we got a dirty win, which meant that we had less than 10 cards left to play. Surprisingly, in our second round, we actually won. Cool! I kinda want to get my own copy but my current promise to myself is that I won't get any new games until I play all the games I've bought (but maybe for this one, I will make an exception).

The Game

I got to play two other games that night. The first one was Steampunk Rally which I had played with almost the same set of people. It's a really cool game to play when there are many of you since up to 8 players can play it (the only downside is that the more players there are, the longer it takes to finish the game LOL). It was past 1am when we finished playing and by that time, most of the folks left. Only four of us remained and we decided to end the night playing Splendor (without the Cities of Splendor expansion). We played a few rounds before calling it a night.

Since there were about a dozen of us during the evening, we split in two groups and three other games were played by other people while I was playing Valeria Card Kingdoms, The Game, and Steampunk Rally - Clank, Orleans, and Bears vs. Babies. I haven't played Bears vs. Babies yet so hopefully I get to play it at some point in the future. I have another game night coming up really soon and I'm looking forward to it. :)

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