Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kuh Ledesma covers "Unchained Melody"

This version of Unchained Melody is actually the first one I heard. My dad had a cassette tape of Kuh Ledesma's album Feeling which includes her song Help Me Forget and 10 covers. It wasn't until a few years later when Ghost came out that I discovered the original by the Righteous Brothers. Listen to Kuh's take on this beautiful song:

video uploaded in youtube by sokuhro

I have always loved, and still love, Kuh Ledesma's voice. It's distinct and instantly recognizable, effortless, soothing, and has such a gorgeous and pleasant tone. She still is one of my favorite Filipino singers. Listening to this brings back memories of the late 80s when I used to play this cassette a lot. I wish it gets re-released as a CD or digitally so I can listen to it again. For now, I guess youtube will have to do.

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