Friday, November 24, 2017

Sugarbee Sansrival Chips

I discovered these Sugarbee Sansrival Chips while in Powerplant Mall one weekend. They usually have a space at the weekend Baker's Dozen at the basement of the mall during weekends and I have purchased cakes and cupcakes from them before. In fact, I was there to get a Salted Caramel cake to bring to a game night with my friends. While there, I saw these Sansrival Chips on the display and I asked the sales person what they were. Apparently they are meringue with cashews. I was offered a free taste and upon trying it, I immediately loved it. Naturally, I had to buy a big container for myself (I think it's about P280).

The problem with these sansrival chips is that they are tremendously addictive. :) Try them when you can.

Tel#: 85-0557, 502-1150
Mob#: 0905-378-4774

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