Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Game nights are back. And with a vengeance.

Last October, I didn't have any game nights for the first time in a couple of years. This November, I ended up having a game night practically every week. :) The cool thing about this month is that I got to play a lot of new games.

My first game night was with my casual gaming friends (plus a few more serious ones). We first played Clank! and I won again. I have now played this game four times and I have won three of them. I really love this game and the fact that I do well in it makes it even more enjoyable to play. We then played Century Spice Road (which I also won) and by then, there were already a lot of people so I pulled out my new game, Steampunk Rally. I hadn't played this game before but I got it because up to 8 players can play it so it is ideal for big groups. There were 7 of us and all were first time players so gameplay was quite slow but it was really interesting. In the end, I managed to place second - I was actually in a tie for first in terms of points but to break ties, the person with the most machine parts wins and I had less parts than Cla who ended up winning. We wrapped up the night by playing Stockpile - another one of my new games which I played for the first time - and this one I ended up in last place out of five players. (And by a large margin LOL.)

Steampunk Rally

I joined my second game night of the month a week later and once again, my evening consisted of a mix of new games and games I had played before. The first one I played was the expansion of Splendor which is Cities of Splendor. This one was pretty interesting because there are four expansions and we got to try two of them - the Cities and the Orient. Tobie won all three rounds we played. After that, Tobie introduced us to Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar. It was my first time playing this game which has a very beautiful board and some pretty awesome art. I actually really enjoyed this game and I would definitely like to play it again. Afterwards, we played Orleans which I had played many times before but which Tobie (and I think Tania) had not played before. The sad thing about this was that I gave an incorrect instruction that may have cost Tobie the game - eep! my bad! - but at least Tobie still enjoyed it. Mitch owns this game and lent it to me so I may just bring it again on our next game night in December. We capped off the evening playing Santorini, which Tobie also hadn't played before. Cool.


The last two games night of the month actually happened within a few days of each other. Mike had just returned from a trip to Europe that included a stop in Essen where one of the biggest game fairs was being held. He came home with Clans of Caledonia which he really wanted to play. One the first night, we started out playing a couple of rounds of Century Spice Road before moving to Clans of Caledonia. This game is actually a really good worker placement game and I ended up winning. Mike really enjoyed playing this game and so we agreed to play again a few days later.

Clans of Caledonia (photos taken by my friend Myna)

The second time I played it, the scores were a lot closer. I was assigned a different clan with a different strength so I had to take a very different approach in playing. Thankfully, it still worked since I ended up winning, but this time by only 3 points (I won by maybe 20 to 30 points the first time around).

I still have more games at home that I haven't played yet so I am looking forward to having more game nights and getting to play my new games. And trying out other games that my friends have. The popular game among my serious gaming friends right now is Terraforming Mars so hopefully I get to play that one soon.

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