Wednesday, August 30, 2017

August hodgepodge

Let's kick things off with some bad news. My car got hit by a tricycle. We were stopped at an intersection and I was on the 3rd lane while the tricycle was on the 2nd lane. When the stoplight turned green, the tricycle suddenly moved into my lane - and in fact the driver wasn't even looking my way - and he hit the front side of my car. He actually drove off and I had to keep honking my horn at him for him to stop. When he did stop, he had the audacity to accuse me of being at fault. Wow! I was livid and thankfully a few traffic enforcers joined us to help out.

On to the positive stuff. I got to spend some quality time with friends this August. My colleagues from my first company had a reunion early in the month. We met up with Raych who was in town for a couple of weeks. Anna was also in town so our dinner group included the two of them along with Jette, Mitch, and Ric and Lany (it had actually also been a while since I had seen Ric and Lany). We decided to have dinner in Provenciano along Maginhawa. Our friend Bett was unable to join us but she recommended that we try their bibingka so we ordered that for dessert and it was really good. (The rest of the food we had was also really good. No wonder this place is always full.)


My friends from my second company also had a reunion. Chris was in Manila and for the first time since he and his family moved to Canada, I got to hang out with him. Joh, Raffa, Alvin, Doray, Mike, Reb, and I joined Chris for dinner in Ping Pong Diplomacy. (The food was pretty good.) This reunion also doubled as Joh's birthday celebration. We then headed over to Toby's Estate for coffee and dessert.

I also met up with Shai and Pia, my colleagues from my previous company. We ended up having dinner in Florabel in Estancia. Shai and I had been planning to meet up for a while so we finally found a schedule that worked for both of us. Pia was also in the neighborhood so she was able to join us.

Finally, my high school friends and I celebrated Joyce's birthday at The 30th Ayala Mall in Ortigas. We had dinner in Shrimp Bucket and coffee in La Maripili. I actually really liked the interior of this restaurant. I also enjoyed the nutella crepe I ordered.

La Maripili

I recently purchased Clank! because it had some pretty good reviews online and thankfully, it lived up to the hype. It's a combination of deck building and dungeon crawl, and the first time I played this, I actually won.

Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure

I also got to play a few more games, including Lords of Waterdeep, Dungeon Petz, Splendor, and a new game Here, Kitty, Kitty! Dungeon Petz remains to be one of my favorite games despite the fact that I have never won and in fact I have usually placed 3rd or 4th out of 4 players LOL. You know you enjoy a game when you keep losing and still enjoy playing it.

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