Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Hodgepodge

My aunt, Tita Susan, has been living abroad for many years now. I think the last time I saw her was during Mama's 90th birthday four years ago. As luck would have it, my cousin Fr. John was also in town. Since both of them were in Manila, our family decided to have a reunion at Tito Erwin's place. It was potluck so I volunteered to bring dessert. Since I wasn't sure how many people would be there, I decided to bring a variety of desserts from S&R. The party started at lunch time and there was a whole lot of food which meant that we were eating practically the entire time. We also had live musicians and a lot of song hits so the afternoon turned into a karaoke celebration. We stayed until the early evening before saying fond farewells to each other. Tita Susan left a few days later so I'm glad we were able to catch up while she was here. Fr. John will be here for a few more months so I need to set up a lunch or dinner with him before he returns to Europe.

Speaking of family time, I took my grandmother shopping one Sunday evening. Her birthday was coming up and we were planning a dinner for her so she wanted to have a new blouse to wear. We went to a few shops before finding a nice navy blue blouse that had the right look and fit. We also saw another peach blouse at another shop that my grandmother also liked. She wasn't sure which blouse to get so I decided to get both for her. I'm really happy that I can do these kinds of things for my grandmother.

I also lucked out during a random trip to Maitre Chocolatier along Jupiter Street in Makati. I had a late lunch at Whistlestop Jupiter before meeting my mom along Buendia but she told me she was still some distance away. I had time to have coffee so after my lunch, I decided to check out Maitre Chocolatier which was right next to Whistlestop to see if they served coffee. I had seen this place many times before but I never went in. I used to think it was only a chocolate shop but apparently it is more like a cafe that also serves food and drinks. I was too full for dessert so I just ordered coffee but I also looked around the shop and saw that they had some chocolates on sale at 50% discount, including Ferrero Rocher. Their big box of 24 cost less than P300 and the small box of 12 cost less than P150. Wow!! They were on sale because they were all best before April 1. I decided to get six big containers - 1 for myself, 3 for my family, 1 for my grandmother, and 1 to bring to my game night in March. Needless to say, none of the chocolates really lasted beyond the best-before date. :) (I also want to go back to this place since they have more than a few items on their menu that I want to try.)

Speaking of game night, this month didn't involve any new games. Instead, I got to play games that I had already played before, including The Village, Carcassonne, Kodama, and Roll for It. The most memorable repeat game was Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization. While this game lasted "only" 5 hours (as opposed to the 5 1/2 hours it took me the first time), we started playing at 1 AM and finished at 6AM. We had to clean up my friend's place first before leaving and by the time we we were done, it was past 7AM and the sun was up and it was already hot. That was the latest (or more appropriately, the earliest) game night I've ever had! What also made that Through the Ages game memorable apart from the time we finished playing was the final score. Rocky and Mai were tied with 174 points, I had 173, and Myna had 172. Only 2 points separated first from the last. Wow! That has never happened in any other game I've played! I am just happy that I played this game much better than the first time I played it.

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