Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Hodgepodge

Wicked had another run in Manila, this time at the Theatre at Solaire. My nephew wanted to see it and I certainly didn't mind seeing it again so I decided to take him. As it turned out, the traffic that day was tremendously bad and we almost didn't make it. We were still stuck along Roxas Boulevard 30 minutes before our show was supposed to start and I was telling my nephew we wouldn't be able to eat anymore and we would need to run once we got there. Indeed, as soon as I parked at almost 8pm, we ran to the Theatre and thankfully, the doors hadn't been closed yet. A few minutes after we got settled in our seats, Wicked started. Whew! Even on this second viewing, it was still amazing and I still got goosebumps when Defying Gravity was being performed. (Side note: thankfully, during the break between Acts I and II, we stepped out of the theater really quickly and were the first in line to get sandwiches at the food bar outside the theater. By the time we paid for our order, there was a really long line behind us.)

We were almost late was because I came from Tagaytay that day. I left Tagaytay shortly before 1pm and it somehow took me 7 hours to drive home from Tagaytay, pick up my nephew, then drive to Solaire. Even after the show at 11pm, the traffic along Roxas Boulevard was still very bad. I ended up driving for about 9 hours the day. It was exhausting!

The reason I was in Tagaytay was because I attended the wedding of my friends Eman and Mia the night before and my friends and I decided to just stay in an airbnb place in Tagaytay after the wedding. Before heading back to Manila, my friends and I had lunch at Bag of Beans in Twin Lakes. I had never been to Twin Lakes before and it's a pretty cool complex to hang out in.

Some time after that, I took my family to UP Town Center to celebrate my brother's birthday. The original plan was for us to eat in Shrimp Bucket - most of my family hadn't eaten there yet - but the place was full and there already was a waitlist so we moved to our favorite and standard restaurant here, Pinac.  After dinner, we decided to go around the mall since my nephew was looking to get headphones and my grandmother wanted to get a new blouse. I also swung by the supermarket - Mercado - to get Dolce Gusto capsules because my friend told me that Dolce Gusto is cheaper here than in most other places. As I was walking towards the coffee section, I passed by the wine section and I randomly decided to see if they carried my favorite cheap wine: Santa Carolina Premio. (Rustan's Supermarket used to carry it but I don't think they still do). As luck would have it, they did! Since I don't often go to UP Town Center, I decided to get a couple of bottles.

I also realized in that trip that a lot of changes have been made to UP Town Center since early 2016, with a lot of new shops and restos, I almost want to find another excuse to bring my family here again. And maybe then we can get a table in Shrimp Bucket without having to wait. :)

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