Monday, January 02, 2017

Welcome 2017!

Happy new year!

What I love about blogging is that it makes it just a bit easier to look back and remember the many wonderful things that happened in the last year. I got to travel to new places and enjoy things for the first time. I visited my relatives in Kalibo and celebrated Ati-Atihan with them for the first time before spending a couple of very restful days in Boracay. I visited Baler for the first time. I spent a fun weekend with friends in Tagaytay. I also visited Singapore - my first international trip since 2013 - to watch Damien Rice, perform live (and that turned out to be a truly incredible concert).

That wasn't the only incredible show I got to see. I watched the goosebump-inducing and absolutely astounding Les Miserables (twice!) at the Theatre at Solaire. I saw Firebird and Other Ballets in CCP. And for something a bit lighter, I caught Rak of Aegis in the Peta Theater.

I was also able to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. We celebrated family birthdays in Casa Roces, Pinac, Relish and SM MOA. I met many friends who live abroad during their trips back home but I also spent a lot of time with my friends in Metro Manila, including a delicious dinner at Minami Saki with my high school friends. In fact, I think I actually got to meet up with my Manila-based friends more frequently this year than in previous years. I also made many new friends because of all the game day/nights. :)

In fact, if I could describe my 2016, I guess it would be the Year of Tabletop and Board Gaming. :) I played at least once every month, and in some cases even multiple times a month (I think at my most extreme, I played multiple times in the same week LOL). I also bought a tabletop game - Race for the Galaxy - for the first time since my first purchase since 2012.

Other stuff that happened: I got S&R membership for the first time, I made my final purchase at La Cocina De Tita Moning before it closed, I made several trips to Labarya while my washer-dryer was being repaired, and I availed of the 31% discount in Baskin Robbins.

While 2016 had it's fair share of challenges, it also had a lot of great moments. I'm happy that I still manage to take the time to write because it becomes easier for me to remember and focus on the positive stuff that happened.

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