Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nomination #20

Given the fact that Meryl Streep has been nominated at the Oscars so many times already, I figured it would be a while before she gets honored again, and most likely not for a comedy. So when I saw that she was nominated yet again for Best Actress at the Oscars for her performance in Florence Foster Jenkins, I was pleasantly suprised. This now means that Meryl has an astounding 20 Oscar nominations in the acting category, 16 of which are for Best Actress and 4 for Best Supporting Actress. Even if just count her best actress nominations, she still has more than any other actor. Bravo!

I wanted to see Florence Foster Jenkins during its cinematic release but I wasn't able to. After seeing Meryl's nomination, I decided to check out some clips on youtube and I have to say that Meryl does put in a superb comedic performance. I found myself laughing a lot at her (intentionally) bad singing, especially when she attempts the higher notes. (Check out this clip to see and hear what I mean.) While Meryl will almost surely not win (Emma Stone seems to be the frontrunner and Natalie Portman has been getting a lot of buzz as well), it's amazing to see her continue to break the records that she herself has set.

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