Monday, September 26, 2016

September hodgepodge

I recently purchased a box of Tocino Del Cielo from Delize to take home to my family because I wanted to bring home a different type of dessert from the usual cakes, pastries, or donuts I buy. Tocino Del Cielo is like Leche Flan except that it doesn't have milk. A box of 24 costs P520 and we all enjoyed it. You can contact Delize through their mobile # 0922 826 2673).

Tocino Del Cielo from Delize

I'm not sure if it's all these sweets I've been eating but I also just recently chipped my tooth. I'm not sure how. As I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror one night, I noticed that there seemed to be something stuck in between my teeth so I tried to scrape it off but as I did, a tiny bit of corner edge of my tooth came off. Ugh. It's not that obvious if you don't look closely. I'm in two minds now whether to have a dentist fix it (not sure how though, it's too small of a chip to warrant a jacket or crown I think) or to just leave it as it is.

Considering some recent big expenses though, maybe I will skip the tooth fixing for now. I also recently had pretty bad car trouble that required me to shell out lots of cash. It was similar to the problems I had a couple of years ago. Thankfully, Randy had now become our family car mechanic. I contacted him and he was able to have someone get my car. After three days, my car was up and running again.

I also made my first purchase on Lazada. It wasn't for me though, it was for my nephew who is really into music now and he wanted to get something for his guitar. When I made the purchase, I was informed that the delivery would be made between September 15 to 20 but as it turned out, I actually got the item on the 13th. Cool! I have been told that power banks are quite cheap on Lazada so maybe I will get power banks from there (and maybe give them as Christmas or exchange gifts).

Finally, no month would be complete without more board gaming. My friend Mike recently went to the US and decided to purchase board games there. He asked me if I wanted to add Race for the Galaxy to his order (I told him a while back that I had been planning to get that game) and I said yes. When he finally got back, that was the first game we played and we all enjoyed it. It helps too that it takes only about 30 minutes to play the game so it is easy to play. Mike in fact asked me if I wanted to just give him the game (meaning I didn't have to pay for it anymore) and for a second I thought about it but I decided that I wanted to have my own small contribution - I don't have any board games that I bring when we play! - so I decided to keep it.

Apart from that, I actually got play only one other game: Suburbia. That was really tough but very good, although I didn't do too well due to some tactical mistakes I made midway through the game. The reason I didn't get to play as many games as I normally do is that the gang decided to play an RPG one night instead of the traditional board games. I hadn't played an RPG since Dungeons and Dragons back when I was still a young kid. We played a game called Schauermarchen. The premise of this game is that you are all kids and when you wake up, you find yourself in what's looks to be a run-down and deserted town, where you are under threat from a man in a suit who seems to be killing all the children there. It was an interesting experience, especially since our game master Tobie was extremely good at running the game and keeping things moving and maintaining everyone's interest. I still prefer board gaming though, and there are already a couple of big board gaming weekends planned in October that I am definitely looking forward to.

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