Sunday, December 20, 2015

RJ Guitar Sale

Another first for me: I got to brave the crowd at the RJ Guitar Center to participate in the RJ Guitar Sale. They have this sale every so often where everything in the store (and not just selected items) is sold at a discount depending on the time of day. The biggest discount is 50% which is offered as the store closes.

RJ Guitar sale discounts: 12-2pm - 20%, 1-2pm - 25%, 2-4pm - 30%, 4-6pm - 35%, 6-9pm - 40%, 9pm onward - 50%

My nephew wanted to get a guitar and a few other items so he asked me to take him there. Since he wanted to maximize the discount, we went at 9pm. This is quite possibly one of the best sales in the Philippines since everything you can purchase at the store is on sale. The downside is that a huge number of people want to take full advantage of it. Upon arrival, we had to fall in line outside the store until enough people stepped out, thus proving enough space to accommodate more people.

It took about an hour for us to get inside the store and my nephew immediately started trying out different guitars to help him decided what he wanted. It took a while for him to make a selection and when we finally got in line to pay for the guitar he got, we had to wait another hour or more. You can buy up to three items during the sale so my nephew ended up also getting strings and a guitar case as well. We spent almost three hours at the RJ Guitar Center and I was exhausted by the time we were done. However, we did save more than P2000 so I guess it was worth the it.

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