Saturday, December 26, 2015


I recently got to visit City of Dreams for the first time. My friend Tim and his fiancee Janice were in Manila recently and they stayed at the Hyatt in City of Dreams while they were here so I met up with them there. We had a few drinks at the lounge before we headed to the casino. I didn't really gamble while there but Tim did and he played roulette while I watched. It was a good night for him as he actually won. Note: you cannot go right into City of Dreams from Roxas Boulevard; you have to go here via Macapagal Avenue. I made the mistake of assuming I go into it from Roxas Boulevard so I ended up having to go all the way back around.


I have now gotten to play a whole lot of new board games and tabletop games. My friend Kat introduced me to her friends at DyceNDyne and there we played several games. Lanterns is like Splendor but while it is fun to play, I find that the luck factor in this game is a bit higher than other games (I won one game because I kept getting very good cards). I enjoyed Blueprints because it's different from everything else I played. For a first-timer I was told I did quite well. Another game I really enjoyed is Between Two Cities because you actually have to collaborate with the people right next to you and you can only win if you collaborate well with both of them. I also got to play two other games over the holidays: Imperial Settlers (I also find that luck plays too much of a role in this game since I lost badly because I couldn't get a good set of cards that worked well together) and Rococo which is really interesting but is probably one of the more complicated games I've played. As I have now been introduced to more people who play these board games and tabletop games, I figure that I will get to try more and more games next year (as well as some of the other games I have already played.)


For the first time in many years, I finally got to have a proper annual physical exam this month. I somehow managed to sneak it into my very busy schedule. I just got the results and I do have to start eating a bit healthier (and less!) and getting exercise. To some degree, I am surprised that the results aren't worse than they are considering how much I eat sometimes and and how much unhealthy food are in my diet. Nevertheless, I should definitely work on having a better and healthier lifestyle.

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