Saturday, November 07, 2015


For a while now, I had been wanting to buy three specific items: black jeans, black sneakers, and board shorts. As I found a bit of time recently, I ended up going two out of three.

It isn't exactly swimming season right now at the moment but whenever it is, I often find myself not having enough time to look for new swimwear. As such, it has been several years since I last bought new board shorts and the ones I still use are quite old now. So one day, while I was planning to get some food at SM, I saw a Quiksilver shop and decided to take a quick look. I immediately spotted shorts that I really liked but they were quite expensive. I had to think about it for a while but I realized that I had been looking for board shorts for a while now and I don't often find a pair that I like that still has a size that fits me. So after going back and forth in my head for a bit, I decided to get it. I guess I will be sporting new shorts the next time I go swimming. The most interesting thing about my new shorts? It is made of REPREVE fibers which are made from plastic bottles. Cool!

I realized recently that I wanted to get a nice pair of black sneakers that I can wear with shorts. All sneakers I have are either white or brightly colored and I decided I wanted something more subdued. I then saw a pair of black Nike Roshe shoes that I liked. I was almost certain I wanted to get them until one day when I saw two of my teammates at work wearing those exact same shoes. Apparently, this design is pretty popular because I started seeing it a bit more often after that. Did I really want new shoes that so many other people had? In the end, I decided that I did. I thought the shoes looked really good, they fit well, and they were very comfortable (which is probably why it is such a popular choice).

I almost went three for three in terms of purchases when I swung by Uniqlo and spotted what seemed to be the black jeans (or well I guess they were dark gray) that I wanted. I liked the color, the fit on the leg, the stitching and the fabric. I was almost certain I would get that pair until I noticed that when I moved, the fabric around the crotch area would bunch up. It just looked really weird and unappealing. Such a shame because if not for that, the jeans would have been perfect me. I hope I can find similar jeans somewhere else. Guess I still have to keep looking.

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