Sunday, September 13, 2015

My nephew's birthday

My nephew celebrated his birthday recently and we were thinking of a good place to have dinner. Since he had to get new athletic shoes for school, we figured a mall would be the best place to go. so that we could have dinner then shop for shoes. We ended up going to Shangri-La mall and having dinner at Duck & Buvette. Ever since I had dinner there with my mom and my nephew a few months ago, I had been wanting to take my entire family there so this birthday celebration was as good a time as any.

The traffic was a bit bad so it took a while for us to get to the mall. I had eaten in Duck & Buvette a couple of times before and I had always been seated immediately but that night, we were about 8th in the waiting list. We decided to do a few things in the mall first and after about half an hour, if we were still far from being seated, we would eat somewhere else. Thankfully, when we got back to the restaurant, we were already next in line and a table became immediately available so we all got seated. Cool!

As expected, everyone enjoyed the food here. While most of us ordered relatively conventional items such as Angus Briskets and Veal Shanks, my brother ordered a couple of interesting items: Braised Frog Legs and Mustard Rabbit. My nephew and my grandmother both got the Confit of Pork Belly and I think this really is one of the best pork belly dishes I've tasted. I've only gotten to taste a bit of this dish so the next time I dine here, I am ordering it so I can enjoy it more fully. We also ordered two Liege waffles. I got to try one of them - the tartine one - and it was really, really good! I also ordered a Cocoa Nibs and Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, and while it was a bit expensive, it was really good. It's a bit of a shame I didn't take any photos of the food LOL but we were really hungry. Maybe the next time I eat here, I will take photos and dedicate a blog post to this restaurant.

It was around 8:30 PM when we were done with dinner and there was very little time left to get shoes. My family headed to Rustan's but the only pair of shoes that my nephew was interested didn't have an available size that would fit him. What I found a bit unfortunate was how early the shops start closing. We had about 10 minutes left before the mall would officially close but I guess their clocks were advanced. Nike and Planet Sports on the 2nd floor were already closed so we couldn't go in anymore. So unfortunately, my nephew's shoe shopping would have to wait. Nevertheless, it was still a great day spent with my family.

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