Saturday, August 29, 2015

Kid-themed birthday party

My friend Joyce turned a year older recently so we used this long weekend to meet up and celebrate together. To keep things interested, Mitch suggested that we have a kiddie party theme, where we would enjoy food that would normally be served during a children's birthday celebration. Everyone seemed to take to this idea so we ended up with legendary baked spaghetti prepared by Iona's mom, lumpiang shanghai prepared by Mitch, and fried chicken and mojos we ordered from Shakey's. I was supposed to bring a mocha (or mocha-inspired cake) but I wasn't able to get one so I instead brought a Red Velvet cake from Karen's Kitchen.

Since it was a kiddie party, we had to start mid-afternoon, which meant we started eating at around 4pm. Mitch's son even asked us why we were having dinner so early and we told him it was because it was a party. I brought my 7 Wonders tabletop game to the party and since Mitch told her kids that I would bring a game, everyone was eagerly anticipating getting to play it. I'm getting pretty good at explaining this game now (I mean, I did spend last long weekend teaching my friends how to play this so I should be good at this now). Once I started helping people figure out what they needed to do to earn as many points as possible, they all started getting the hang of it quite easily and the towards the end, everyone was starting to strategize even without my help. Mitch and Joyce actually wanted to play another round but the kids didn't want to anymore so we set it aside and then just ate again. :)

This is the first time in a long time that I actually got to hang out with my friends for most of the day without me being double-booked and having to rush to another activity. I'm really happy that I got to spend many quality hours with them today and hopefully, I get to hang out with them more (and maybe play more 7 Wonders).

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